Lost Among the Living

Penguin/Random House | April 2016

In post-World War I England, a woman whose husband vanished in battle three years ago must confront the ghosts in his family home, her own lonely demons - and the discovery of secrets that lead her to believe she never knew her husband at all. Until a familiar stranger appears...

The Other Side of Midnight

Penguin/Random House | April 2015

A glamorous medium in 1925 London must delve into a dangerous world of scams, fakes - and true ghosts - to solve the murder of her greatest rival and best friend, aided by a man whose job is to debunk psychics.

Silence For the Dead

Penguin/Random House | April 2014

In a remote hospital for shell-shocked veterans in 1919, a young woman arrives pretending to be a nurse - and hiding her own secrets. But the ghosts that haunt the halls of Portis House haunt the mad and the sane alike, including one of England's greatest heroes.

An Inquiry Into Love and Death

Penguin/Random House | March 2013

In 1920's England, a woman must search for the truth behind her uncle's mysterious death in a town haunted by a restless ghost... and when a handsome Scotland Yard detective joins her, secrets and lies come to the surface.

The Haunting of Maddy Clare

Penguin/Random House | March 2012

The book that won two RITAs and an Arthur Ellis Award. A young woman in 1920's England is assigned by her temporary agency to assist a ghost hunter on his quest for a ghost deep in the heart of the rural countryside. But Maddy is more clever - and more dangerous - a ghost than anyone bargained for, and everyone must look deep before Maddy is finished her games.